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Consultants have the advantage of being immune from internal politics and thus can be objective. Our people are specialists in management systems auditing, development, performance improvement, and certification. We offer experience from a wide range of fields and bring information and best practices from other companies and industry. Our specialism is automotive management.

Gap analysis and auditing

If your company is aiming for third party certification to a recognised management standard. We work with these standards all the time so we can help you identify the gaps in your systems quickly so you can make the necessary plans. Step Q1 in our Q8 implementation plan is the gap analysis.

Management systems development and certification

We have 100% success by implementing the Q8 QUALATIS management system template which we will tailor to your organisation. We will conduct internal audits and management reviews and train your staff to ensure UKAS accredited certification and then work with you to make sure you continue the certification.

With the Q8 QUALATIS Management System we’ll help you identify not only what you need, but also what you don’t. We’ll help you develop a user- friendly system using the QUALATIS 8 step process that people can actually understand and use. Our consultants are environmental, health & safety and quality certification professionals with experience in all fields. Let us help you get the most from the process by freeing your people to concentrate on their own jobs.


If you are aiming for third party certification to a recognised international standard or you want to maintain your current certification QUALATIS can help you.  


Many of our training courses support the international standards of quality - ISO9001:2015, environmental - ISO14001:2015, occupational health & safety – ISO 45001:2018 and automotive quality – IATF 16949:2016. Some courses directly support these standards like the auditing courses and some provide an enhancement to any management system like lean six sigma.

We regularly work with organisations from public and commercial sectors, providers of financial services, pharmaceuticals, print management, construction, facilities management, engineering, manufacturing, medical devices, telecoms, you name it. One thing that might be common amongst our clients is their attitude to management systems and people development. They want the type of support from us that is going to make a real difference to both their organisation and their people.

The expectation of some courses may be that the subject matter is boring (surely no one finds health and safety boring?) So we make every effort in the tutor delivery and the course exercises to ensure the delegates get the most from our training without too many formal lectures.

In Company Training

Training when you want it and where you want it - a very popular choice due to the many benefits:

  • significant savings on costs for larger group sizes
  • customised course content to meet any specific needs
  • flexibility on times, dates and venues
  • we worry about travel problems, not you!

Online Training

The QUALATIS web-based training (wbt) courses are available through your internet browser 24 hours a day. Training is designed in segments to enable users to access information at their convenience. Training can be accessed an unlimited number of times, stopped, started or repeated within the time allotted prior to examination or certification. No special software is required to access the training, only access to the internet. E-learning is perfect for individuals and small teams who wish to gain a level of new knowledge or desire to refresh their understanding of technical topics. Annual recertification is also a typical use of our web-based training. Our in-house learning management system provides participants with reminders, progress reports, and the opportunity to ask questions electronically.